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bredder land management

Through the use of native plantings and riparian management, we can help maintain Virginia’s breathtaking views. This is why, at Bredder Land Management, we work closely with our clients to develop the best management practices for their land, farm, or estate.

Our mission is to provide the most outstanding service for everyone: Our clients, our children and grandchildren, our forests, our waterways, and all of the wildlife that inhabit our Virginia. From sustainable farm management, wildlife preserves, landscaping, and everything in between, an appreciation of Virginia’s natural beauty and history is always incorporated.

Did You Know?

Custom maintenance & unique projects
Highly skilled crew
Focus on sustainable & integrated land use


Greater Charlottesville

and Albemarle area


Planning and consulting
Forestry mulching
Invasive species control
Fence installation
Landscapes and maintenance
Wildlife habitat


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Custom maintenance and unique projects by a team of consummate land professionals.