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You can complete this form in one sitting or do a little, save it, and come back later to finish it if that’s more convenient. You can also have multiple users help you complete it. Here are some important notes if you plan to have help with the form and/or do it in different sittings.

  1. As soon as you arrive to the form page, go ahead and scroll to the bottom and click “Save and Complete Later” (this is located next to the “Submit” button. This will generate a link for you to share with your team to help them complete the form (be sure you are not all logged in at the same time). You will also see a field to email that link to yourself, we recommend you do this so you don’t lose it. Once you’re ready, click the link to return to the form to continue filling it out.
  2. Do not upload your photos/logo until you have completed ALL of the other fields. The “Save” button will not save your images with your form. So, make that your last step.



    Most users are going to have multiple people complete this form. To ensure you don't lose any data, go ahead and scroll to the bottom NOW and press "Save and Continue Later" link (it is to the right of the submit button at the end). This will activate the save setting, helping you not lose data, AND it will give you a link you can share with others to help complete the form. (We recommend clicking the button to email the link to yourself so you have a copy, just in case.) When you're ready, click the link, to come back and finish the form. Note: Skipping this step will risk you losing data...
  • Please tell who is the best contact person for this business listing in case we have any questions.
  • Please tell us the best phone number so we may call you if we have any questions about this form.
  • Please share the best email for our contact at the business - in case someone else is completing the form for you.
  • Tell readers about your business. What makes you special? Please limit your answer to 200 words or less.
  • Please share your business website URL.
  • If you have a business Facebook page, please share the URL.
  • If you have a business Instagram page, please share the URL.
  • We have a special call-out feature on your page that allows for 3 bullet points - these are special callouts about your business that will help readers who are "skimming" your page learn some neat highlights about your business. Think of three special features and list them here.
  • To help make your listing more fun and personal, please tell us your favorite wine, beer or cider. Please share the name of the beverage and maker.
  • Please tell readers about your service area.(ie Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, etc).
  • Please give readers a BRIEF list of your MAIN services (as bullet points). This is a field for "skimmers" to get a quick idea of what you do best.
  • Please list your MAIN business location. We know some businesses have multiple locations, please pick one.
  • We are including a Google Map on your page. If you want your location listed please enter the Google Coordinates of your PRIMARY business location here. Not sure how to find your latitude and longitude? This site has an easy helper tool:
  • Please tell us the email address you want clients to use to inquire about your services.

    ***This needs to be your LAST STEP in the form completion process. The Save and Continue Later feature does NOT work with this last area. Please complete ALL of your other data first. Then, once all other fields are complete, upload your image files and SUBMIT the form. That will keep all of your files attached to your form.
  • This is your "hero" image for the page. We recommend it be a JPEG, 2000 pixels wide x 965 pixels tall, and no larger than 800 kb in size.
    Accepted file types: jpg, Max. file size: 1 MB.
  • Do we need to credit the photographer for this image? If so, please list their name here.
  • Please upload your business logo. Please have either a white or transparent background. The file can be a JPEG or PNG file. Please keep it to no larger than 600kb.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 1 MB.
  • This photo could be of your team, the primary business owner, or a product or service that most represents you and your brand. Please limit the size of this image to no more than 800kb.
    Accepted file types: jpg, Max. file size: 1 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.