While Virginia wine is generating buzz amongst critics, it’s easy to forget how young the modern wine movement is or how far it’s come in a short time. As early as the 1970s Virginia only had a dozen wineries. Today, there are over 300 in the state.

One of the drivers behind this growth is the remarkable range that Virginia has to offer in both wines and venues. Visitors can find everything from kid-friendly wineries based in rustic barns to tasting rooms that seem to have come straight from a Tuscan hillside.

For the past decade at least a dozen new Virginia wineries open every year. Here are a few of the most recent outstanding additions we visited. Read on while we share about each new Virginia winery and their mission, grape plantings, hospitality plans, their winemaker and so much more to help you plan your winery tour

Crimson Lane Vineyards

A New Virginia Winery in Linden

In both wineries and real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. That’s why it’s no wonder Crimson Lane Vineyards’ opening in March 2023 generated so much excitement. Owners Tom and Deanna Herrity bought the property in 2014 and planted the vineyard several years later. Tom explained, “We looked all over Northern Virginia for a place, and when this listing came out we just fell in love with it.”

Crimson Lane Vineyards, One of several new wineries in Virginia opened 2023. Linden, Virginia Wine Country

Visitors to the vineyard may think the Herritys picked this site on aesthetics alone. Built on one of the lower slopes of a 1,400 foot ridge line, the tasting room’s many windows and long outdoor patio allow guests to soak in the view wherever they sit. Landscape designer, Jennifer Horn of Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture, collaborated with the Crimson Lane Vineyards team to create a welcoming space that is both inviting and elegant, Named a “Woman to Watch” in Washingtonian’s list of powerful women, Horn has had a hand in fabulous high commercial and residential designs throughout the Commonwealth and the United States. With an unshakeable belief that sustainability is at the core of great design, her planning for the vineyard’s landscaping is designed to respect and restore the environment, creating an oasis for winery guests.

However, the location of Crimson Lane Vineyards is as practical as it is stunning. The high elevation gives its almost 24 acres of grapes protection from frost. This is a critical feature given Virginia’s increasingly erratic spring weather. Famed viticulturist and ampelographer Lucie Morton gave high praise for its airflow and multiple soil types, which allow Crimson Lane Vineyards to plant their array of grapes in just the right spots.

Crimson Lane Vineyards’ current releases include an Albariño, two Chardonnays and several red blends. Their vineyard has been producing grapes since 2018, allowing Crimson to serve 100% estate wine from the day they opened. While single-varietal red wines may still be in their future, Crimson is taking a page from Bordeaux’s playbook by focusing on blends. The winemaker, Dominick Fioresi, is Deanna’s brother, making this a family-inspired project that taps into the Italian family’s history of winemaking. Prior to working at Crimson Lane, Fioresi was the winemaker at Ingleside Plantation Vineyards, the vineyard manager and cellar master at Delaplane Cellars, and an apprentice winegrower at Linden Vineyards.

The names of their two main red wines, Collina and Parral, reference the key factors behind their success. Collina means ‘hill’, a reference to the terroir which gives their wines a sense of place. Parral is named after the Mexican hometown of their seasonal vineyard crew, nearly all members of an extended family who return year after year.

Plan your visit to Crimson Lane Vineyards: Crimson Lane Vineyards is open Friday through Sunday and is an adults-only experience. The location is also only 4 miles away from the award-winning Linden Vineyards, where Winemaker Fioresi trained under the esteemed Jim Law.

7 Lady Vineyards at Dover Hall

A New Virginia Winery in Richmond

Co-Owner Chad Hornik knows he has the ideal spot for his newest venture in 7 Lady Vineyards at Dover Hall. Located on the grounds of his luxury wedding and event venue Dover Hall just outside Richmond, the vineyards combine Virginia wine with the best of the world.

Dover Hall and 7 Lady Vineyards, A New Virginia Winery © Nikki Santerre Photography

The estate features 55 acres of rolling hills with Dover Hall as the centerpiece. Originally a private residence, the house was designed to resemble an English style Tudor castle with Gothic influences. The vineyard is a more recent addition.

As a former Governor’s Cup wine judge and owner of a restaurant once recognized as the Virginia Wine Restaurant of the Year, Hornik has a long history with Virginia wine. “We have 4 acres of vines planted and another 4 on the way. We’ve also leased land in the Shenandoah Valley,” Hornik explained in a recent interview. Ben Jordan, who leads the Common Wealth Crush Co. in Waynesboro, is their winemaker.

7 Lady Vineyards at Dover Hall will offer up to 26 wines, half from Virginia and the remainder from famous wine-producing regions around the world.

“We’re making a Napa Valley Cabernet, a Willamette Valley Pinot and Chardonnay, a Malbec from Mendoza, a Rioja from Spain, a Super Tuscan and Chianti from Italy,” Hornik continued. “We want to offer guests a varietally-correct wine from the region it’s known for, as well as Virginia wine. We’ll have wine from our estate vineyard, but most of our Virginia wine will be sourced from the Shenandoah Valley, which is one of the best wine producing regions in the state.”

Visitors can sample 7 Lady wine at one of Dover Hall’s private tastings or wine dinners. The main tasting room is estimated to open in 2024 and their official wine club is now open, offering diverse, high-quality global wines.

Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company

A New Virginia Winery in Mineral

Co-owner Joe Evers started as a wine collector and home winemaker. In 2012 Joe and his wife Barbara purchased land not far from Lake Anna, VA, planning on using it for personal recreation. Upon advice from their friend Jeff Cooper, then owner of nearby Cooper Vineyards—now Fifty-Third Winery & Vineyard—they decided to plant a four-acre vineyard there instead.

Everleigh Vineyard
New Virginia Wineries, Image courtesy of Everleigh Vineyards

While the initial plan was to only sell grapes, the Evers shifted gears and decided to make their own wine. Since their son Ryan was a cider maker, Barbara and Joe added cider to the business plan. As brewing uses much of the same equipment as cider making, they later added beer to their growing roster. With each change the floor plan got bigger and bigger, with Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company finally opening in October 2022.

Plan your visit to Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company. The tasting room now spans three stories with a large patio. The first thing guests notice as they walk inside is the beautiful wooden bar topped with copper. Huge windows flood the interior with natural light. A baby grand piano awaits guests.

“Let’s do something big and fun and showcase the vineyard,” Barbara explained when giving a tour of the Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company tasting room. “We love a soaring ceiling and grandeur but we also wanted separate spaces for guests, so we have several distinct sitting areas.”

Ryan has recently finished his second batch of ciders, including a dry champagne-like cider currently on tap. Peach and blueberry-lemon ciders are coming soon. The wine they produce includes Chardonel, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and a traditional-method sparkling Chardonel all made from estate grapes. Several beers are on tap.

Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company is open Friday through Sunday and allows children, as well as leashed pets outside.

Kalero Vineyard

A New Virginia Winery in Purcellville

It’s easy for visitors to notice Kalero Vineyard. Wine lovers driving west past the town of Hillsboro, VA can see the 19th-century vineyard and barn on the hills above them. For years it lacked an opening sign, but this changed in 2022 when owner Ann Fortin made her wedding venue/tasting room available for limited events.

Kalero Vineyard
A New Winery in Virginia, Image courtesy of Kalero Vineyards

The main focus of the 130-acre farm is the historic barn, the cornerstone of which was set in 1834. The building is now called the Hearthstone Barn in honor of a heart-shaped stone discovered on the property by the owner’s daughters. It houses Kalero Vineyard’s tasting room, which has since gone through extensive renovations to become a blend of the historic and modern.

While showing the venue Fortin explained, “I want to keep the bones the same.” But her interest in preservation go beyond architecture. “We are passionate about farming. It’s a hard thing, but wineries are helping keep these old farms from development.”

Plan your visit to Kalero Vineyard. Kalero Vineyard has 14 acres of vines including Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and several Bordeaux reds. These form the basis of their wines, almost all of which is estate-grown. Nate Walsh of Walsh Family Wine is now their winemaker.

While opportunities for wine tastings are growing, for now weddings remain their focus at Kalero Vineyard. Fortin is happy with this direction. “I love the hospitality aspect of the business since you get to be part of people’s celebrations. I want people to have a good experience.”

Kalero Vineyard is open on Fridays by appointment and also hosts periodic events.

Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards

A New Virginia Winery in Bristol

Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards may be the best Virginia wine and dining experience people don’t know about. That’s likely because it’s located in Bristol, VA, a town literally divided between Virginia and Tennessee. Bristol is better known for its Appalachian scenery and coal-mining history than its vineyards, but times are changing. In the words of Culinary Director Travis Milton, Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards’  mission is “to change the cultural perception of Southwestern Virginia.”

Nicewonder Vineyard
New Virginia Wineries, Hickory Restaurant. Image @ Mohsin Kazmi, courtesy of Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards

This mission is very personal for Milton. Born in the nearby town of Castlewood, VA, he developed a love of Appalachian cuisine from an early age. Travis traveled between kitchens around the country before joining the Richmond restaurant scene. It was here Milton was able to return to the dishes of his youth, or rather, an elevated version of it. He specializes in combining Appalachian tradition with a modern flair.

In 2019 Milton joined Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards, attracted to the idea of creating the dishes he loved at the cuisine’s birthplace, local heirloom varietals and all.

Get to know the The Hickory Restaurant at Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards. Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards is just one part of a larger guest experience. Its sister property is The Virginian, an 18-hole golf course designed by world-renowned course designer Tom Fazio. While it has a 1,700 bottle wine cellar, guests can sample Viognier, Chardonnay, Merlot and Petit Verdot sourced from their 13-acre vineyard. Chef Milton and The Hickory Restaurant are getting lots of attention as they were recently featured on “Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi” on Hulu. 

The most recent addition to the property may be their grandest—a 28-room hotel overlooking the vines, complemented by nine luxury yurts and Hickory, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Guests can enjoy options ranging from golf and wine tours to poolside service.

Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards’  tasting room is open Tuesday through Sunday. Hickory restaurant is open for dining seven days a week.

Oakencroft Vineyards

A Newly Reopened Winery near Charlottesville, VA

Albemarle County is home to a modern winery taking a sustainable approach to viticulture. Oakencroft Vineyards was the pioneer of commercial vineyards in Albemarle County. Felicia and John Rogan founded Oakencroft Vineyards, and Felicia worked passionately to get the modern Virginia Wine movement started, earning her the nickname “the First Lady of Virginia Wine.” The winery closed when Mrs. Rogan retired, yet the farm continued to operate and the original grape vines were maintained. In 2018, Dorothy Batten purchased the farm with a particular mission in mind. In tandem with the tagline “Reawaken our connection to nature,” Batten’s goal is to transform the 250-acre farm into a working model of a carbon sink, where she aims to sequester more carbon than is emitted.

Outdoor Terrace at Oakencroft Vineyards. A new Virginia WInery 2023. Near Charlottesville VA and convenient to UVa. Organic and sustainable.
New Virginia Winery, An organic and sustainable winery at Oakencroft Vineyards, Image courtesy of Oakencroft Vineyards near Charlottesville, Va

The 5-acre vineyard is surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodland, farmland and livestock pasture. All these areas are maintained with sustainable practices. The farm uses renewable energy, silvopasture, intensive rotational grazing, progressive vineyard management, composting, tree planting, rainwater collection, recycling, and hybrid winemaking to be eco-friendly. The sustainability practices extend to their guest facilities as well. Their Meeting Center will offer programming on Climate and environmental solutions, launching later this year. The Oakencroft Vineyards’ Tasting Room is open to the public and is a joyful place to taste sustainably-made wine from both their vineyard and across the globe, while enjoying beautiful lake-side scenery on the covered patio. Oakencroft Vineyards’ facilities run off of two solar arrays which offset all electrical usage, geothermal wells for heating and cooling, and rain water collected from roofs, which is used for the gray water system. The winery crushes all glass bottles used in the Oakencroft Tasting Room on site and table scraps are composted. To further its sustainability goals, the farm operates along the guidelines of regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration.

Oakencroft Vineyard is a sustainable winery. One of the winery’s adaptive techniques in sustainable agriculture that differs from the traditional viticulture process is its focus on wine from hybrid grapes. The classic trend is to cultivate genetically homogenous vines. Instead of following this pattern, Oakencroft Vineyard sources genetic material from a variety of vine hybrids. The hybrids’ broader genetic diversity allows for the grapes to be stronger against disease and Virginia’s variable climate and pests. Oakencroft grows five hybrid vines: Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, De Chaunac, and Merlot Kanthus. The triumph of Hybrid winemaking is setting the stage for the future of viticulture in Virginia.

The land and soil where the hybrid vines grow is important to Oakencroft Vineyards. They use methods that both improve the health of the soil and increase its ability to manage and store water during droughts and flooding. To combat pests, Oakencroft Vineyards uses an integrated pest management system. The farm manager uses beneficial plants, animals and insects, and compost to reduce chemical sprays and inputs. These tactics help the true beauty of nature to shine at Oakencroft Vineyard

Plan your visit to Oakencroft Vineyards. Oakencroft Vineyards is open to the public Thursday through Saturday for tastings, flights and light bites. Batten’s adventure in sustainable viticulture is just the beginning. She hopes that regenerative agriculture practices will become the norm for all Virginia’s farms and wineries.

Southwest Mountains Vineyards

A New Virginia Winery near Charlottesville, VA

Southwest Mountains Vineyards is a brand-new Virginia vineyard opening in Keswick at the end of September, 2023. The mission of the winery is to highlight the extraordinary terroir of Central Virginia’s Monticello American Viticultural Area (AVA) with a team helmed by internationally recognized South African winemaker Boela Gerber.

southwest mountains vineyards new winery

The expansive tasting room and state-of-the-art production facility were finished in the summer of 2023. In the tasting room, live-edge wood tables top wine barrel bases, and warm rough-hewn timber walls frame glass doors and picture windows with gorgeous views of the mountains the vineyard is named for. The team behind the winery has been cultivating vinifera grapevines on estate property since 2016 with plans to start additional acreage for a line of sparkling Chardonnay, something Gerber is uniquely suited for.

Boela Gerber moved from Cape Town to join the Southwest Mountains Vineyards’ team. Gerber is an internationally renowned winemaker, formerly of Groot Constantia—the oldest wine estate in South Africa—where he worked for over twenty years building an elite, award-winning winery team. Gerber, who holds the coveted title of Cape Wine Master, told Virginia Wine & Country that his time working at Groot Constantia was a great privilege, but that he is looking forward to the challenges of working in an emerging wine region like the Monticello AVA.

Gerber also shared his appreciation of the South African wine industry’s commitment to a mentorship system, something that Cape Town and South Africa have in common. Gerber’s position at Southwest Mountains Vineyards will allow him to mentor generations of Virginia winemakers yet to come. It will be exciting to see his work at Southwest Mountains Vineyard and how he collaborates with other Virginia wine organizations, such as the Winemaker’s Research Exchange, in order to further the mission to create terroir-specific Virginia wine.

Plan your visit to Southwest Mountains Vineyards. The vineyard’s tasting room will officially open to the public on September 30th, 2023. Reservation options include their a traditional tasting flight accompanied by a seasonal food menu prepared by their in-house chef, seating at a reserved custom wine barrel high-top table or seating outdoors on their deck framed by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Make sure to make your reservations on Tock, and try to get them early: they have an official media opening planned for January, but visitors “in the know” can go immediately and experience the beauty and tranquility of this exciting vineyard before the true crowds begin to show up. Try the SMV 2021 Cabernet Franc, which Gerber describes as complex and layered, perfect for pairing with red meat.

Virginia Wineries & Vineyards That Opened in 2021

2021 was a great year for Virginia wine. Late summer rains faded into a dry spell that allowed most vineyards to harvest what promises to be a strong vintage. Business boomed due to record numbers of wine lovers visiting the countryside in search of scenic outdoor spaces. But perhaps most tellingly, a number of new tasting rooms opened their doors, bringing Virginia to over 300 wineries across the state. 

Ecco Adesso Vineyards

Located just north of Lexington, Ecco Adesso Vineyards is the Shenandoah Valley’s newest winery. The name is an Italian phrase, which translates as “Here Now.” Owners Cierra and Michael Weatherly explained it was inspired by the idea that when with family, one should avoid distractions and “live in the moment.”

Ecco Adesso Vineyards
Ecco Adesso Vineyards

The location they picked is remarkable. Ecco Adesso is a huge property—around 350 acres in total. Visitors enter at a scenic driveway that leads to what looks like an alpine chateau. Once a private residence, Ecco Adesso is now decked out for visitors, including furniture made with wood foraged from the property.

Visitors have the choice of relaxing inside in either the chateau’s library or drawing room, or taking in the view from one of the Adirondack chairs along the balcony. Soon, there will be an additional outside tasting room for musical events. There are even three Airbnbs on the property and a hiking trail.

The tasting room is only half the location’s story. Vineyard Manager Tim Jordan is something of a rebel. He realized the Shenandoah’s high elevation and limited rainfall gives him the flexibility to grow grapes rarely seen elsewhere in Virginia, leading him to plant Saparavi and Lagrein as well as more ubiquitous Bordeaux grapes like Cabernet Franc.

Since their vineyards are so new, Ecco Adesso is currently serving wine from Early Mountain Vineyards as well as Midland Wine, Jordan’s family-run winery. The property is also dog and family-friendly.

Firefly Cellars

Closer to Washington, D.C. is Firefly Cellars, located in a cluster of wineries near Leesburg. The Pierleonardi family spent much of last year revamping the former Hunter’s Run Winery into what it is today. The old tasting barn is now cozier than ever, while its grounds have been landscaped and expanded for events ranging from live music to adult sack racing. Tastings here are self-guided.

One new addition is their Airbnb, “The Cottage.” This one-bedroom home has its own swimming pool and is located right next to the winery, making it an easy trip without the need to drive home.

Oenophiles in search of new experiences have the option of touring the Monticello wine region of Charlottesville, taking a day trip to the Shenandoah Valley or visiting Northern Virginia.

Another change is the new cellar, which visitors can book for a guided tasting. These hour-long events allow guests the opportunity to talk about their wine with the owners, something now rarely found. “People are looking for an educational experience,” explained Co-Owner Andrea Zaidi. “Some people want to take pictures for Instagram, but others have a million questions about Virginia wine.”

Firefly Cellars
Firefly Cellars

While Firefly has a small Chambourcin vineyard on-site, nearly all of their fruit is sourced from elsewhere, including their winemaker’s vineyard of Cave Ridge. This works to Firefly’s benefit since the Shenandoah is arguably Virginia’s premiere winegrowing region.

Firefly allows children on the property, as well as leashed pets in outdoor areas, making it a must-try stop on your wine tour.

Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery

Perched in the hills of Afton, Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery makes a strong case for the title of the “most stunning tasting building in Virginia.” Hazy Mountain is a triple threat, offering not only wine but also food and beer.

Visitors can relax at the outdoor terrace or the indoor covered patio equipped with under-floor heating for the winter months. Both provide sweeping views, especially of the winery’s newly planted vineyard. Inside, you’ll find plenty of dining space.

Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery
Photo: Matthew Fitzsimmons | Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery

The tasting building is huge, reminiscent of something found in Napa or Italy. This is definitely a wow location for times you want to impress someone, because the view is paired with knock-out Pinot Noir.

While they have 35 acres planted on-site, Hazy Mountain’s secret weapon is an even larger vineyard in southern Shenandoah. That site benefits from both high elevation and cooler temperatures. Not only do they produce French varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay, this combination allows them to grow Riesling and Pinot Noir, both hard-to-find in Virginia.

Hazy Mountain is child-friendly but not (yet) pet-friendly. No outside food is allowed, but light bites are sold in the tasting room. Menus with QR codes makes ordering to your table easy.

Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard

Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard will break your expectations of what a winery is supposed to look like. Bright, eclectic and whimsical are the key adjectives to describing this tasting room. While most Virginia tasting rooms are modeled on old farmhouses, Merrie Mill feels more like an art gallery whose owners explored curio shops from around the world and tastefully organized their discoveries into a single collection. Sourcing eclectic antique furnishings, personal artwork and antique taxidermy, Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard’s tasting room is designed to feel like a home.

Owners Guy and Elizabeth Pelly wisely chose to build their vineyard at an old farm in the town of Keswick. Originally from the United Kingdom, the Pelly family became enchanted by Virginia after visiting Charlottesville for a wedding in 2017, and purchased Merrie Mill Farm just a year later. In researching the home’s history, they discovered that a previous owner, John Armstrong “Archie” Chaloner, was known for welcoming the community into his home in the 1920s. The property would go on to become the first dance pavilion, public pool and first movie theater in the region. This spirit of togetherness and a center for community engagement is something the Pelly family recreates today in their beautiful farm and vineyard. Not only do they have excellent neighbors—Keswick Vineyards and Castle Hill Cider are around the corner—the ground is blessed with an ancient, rocky soil highly suitable for growing wine.

Currently 12 acres of vinifera (European-style grapes) are planted. Since the vineyard is too new to produce fruit, they turned to Emily Hodson of Veritas Vineyards & Winery for assistance. Hodson and her brother, George, run a Virginia wine label named True Heritage, which is currently sold here. Next year, Merrie Mill will serve wine from their estate vines, with Hodson continuing as the winemaker.

People-watching could be a hobby here, since it never gets old to see the amazed look on guests’ faces as they walk through the door for the first time. The main room is dominated by a painting of Guy’s great-grandfather John Pell. A sea lion decorated with pink balloons hangs from the ceiling, framed against soft-blue wallpaper. No two tables have an identical set of chairs. Random knick-knacks, including a porcelain alligator, abound. The entire scene could be taken straight from Alice in Wonderland.

Merrie Mill is family-friendly, and allows dogs and picnics on the grounds outside.

The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm

Plenty of wineries have views of vineyard-clad hills or distant mountains. But, The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm has something better: a tasting room along the shoreline of Lake Manassas, just outside Gainesville.

Owners Maria and Tom Rafferty bought the property with an eye for building a house, but they soon recognized the location afforded them the opportunity to do something hospitality related. Fortunately, their friend (and future business partner) Tom Schrade had a similar idea, so they were able to team up and build Sunshine Ridge.

You can tell Tom is a landscaper, because Sunshine took pains to maximize the view of the lake. Visitors can soak up the view from nearly anywhere, whether it be the covered patio, upstairs deck or inside the tasting room looking through their garage-style doors.

But perhaps the best place is at one of the outside tables dotting the huge lawn. Few places in Virginia make it as easy to observe social distancing as Sunshine Ridge.

While they have a small planting of Vidal Blanc, The Winery at Bull Run makes their wine so visitors can look forward to a variety of French varieties and several hybrids. These bottles are served side-by-side with wine brought from out-of-state. Beer lovers will rejoice, as this is one of the few local wineries that also doubles as a brewery.

Sunshine Ridge is dog-friendly but adults only. No outside food is allowed, but they serve snacks at the tasting room and frequently have food trucks.

Williams Gap Vineyard

Many Virginia oenophiles are already acquainted with wine from Williams Gap Vineyard, even if they’ve never visited the tasting room in Round Hill. Since good wine starts in the soil, owner Jack Sexton decided to start with the vineyard—now up to 35 acres of mostly European-style grapes with space to plant more. For the past two decades, grapes from Williams Gap have been a component of many Virginia wines, including those made with Petit Verdot and Tannat.

Williams Gap Vineyard
Williams Gap Vineyard

Eventually, Jack sat down with the family and they decided to turn their vineyard into a full-fledged winery. Fast forward another two years and the “red barn” was ready to open its doors to visitors.

But calling the tasting room a “barn” is a misnomer. The building has more in common with an upscale mountain lodge than anything found at a farm. Polished wooden floors, plenty of table space and a huge fireplace adorn the first floor. Couches and cushy chairs await in the adults-only area upstairs. Even the driveway, which runs through the vineyard, offers stunning views.

Williams Gap Vineyard
Williams Gap Vineyard

Williams Gap’s wine is currently made at Paradise Springs but eventually will relocate to on-site. That said, all their wine is made using fruit from their estate vineyard, which currently includes 35 acres of vines.

Tasting Manager Bridgette Smith proudly explained that the winery has since become something of a local watering hole; in fact, most visitors are their neighbors. Right now, Williams Gap is serving 10 wines, with their 2020 Mountain Valley Red blend joining the menu most recently. Williams Gap is family-friendly, and pets are allowed outdoors.

More Virginia Wineries to Explore

These are only a portion of the dozen wineries that opened in 2021. Wine lovers should also visit Above Ground Winery (Shenandoah), Endhardt Vineyards (Purcellville), Fables & Feathers (east of Roanoke), Hardware Hills Vineyard and Winery (Scottsville), Old Farm Winery at Hartland (Aldie), Stony Brook Vineyards (Troutville) and Wind Vineyards at Laurel Grove (Tappahannock).

MATTHEW FITZSIMMONS is a Virginia-based wine writer and blogger who has visited nearly every winery in the DMV – most of them twice.

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